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Group urged youths to be resilient

In commemoration with the International Youth Day, Volunteer Service Oversea (VSO) engaged youths in a three days workshop tagged “Building Resilience Youth for Peace”.  The workshop which attracted youths from every area in Ikorodu started on August 8 through August 10, 2017. The workshop was preceded by a rally on Saturday, August 12, 2017 which is the International Youth Day. Encomium weekly was at the workshop to hear from the horses’ mouth.



How would you access today’s program?

Today’s program is talking about building youths against violence and also spreading the word ‘peace’. We are working on a workshop against international youth day which is on Saturday, August 12, 2017. The workshop is three days, it is to build the capacity for them to understand what peace building is all about and in line with what we do in VSO is voluntary service overseas, it is voluntary service as the name sound which we volunteers to give our own Coulter of time to build our community.

What informed the program?

It is all about celebrating international youth day.

Is it an NGO?

Yes, VSO is an NGO (non governmental organization).

How do you intend touching youths during the workshop?

It is a step by step work, we are making the youth to understand what it takes to build peace in a nation and go back to their various communities and pass the information about how to keep peace in Nigeria.



Lawal Tijani -Member of VSO Nigeria

IMG-20170809-WA0000How will you access today’s program?

I will asses it as a success because our target of youth is 150 but as you can see in the hall today we are having over 200 people.

What is the program all about?

The program is all about youth, to know how we can empower youth to build resilience peace in Ikorodu. You know there are a lot of conflict in Ikorodu, so we are trying to look at how youth can play a role in the nation building and their various homes. So that they can develop their community and build peace.

What informed the program?

International Youth Day is coming up on the August 12, 2017. So we are trying to look at how we can come up with our own event before the day. So we are doing three days workshop, and Saturday for rally.


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