‘Growing up inspired my songs’ – UCHE

Nonyelum Emmanuel Uche is the young dude music lovers should watch out for. He got signed to AMO Records and is set to trail the blaze. Encomium Weekly had a short chat with him about his foray into music


How did it all start for you?

It started recently after school. I was bored and wanted to keep myself busy, so, I went into the studio. It started as a hobby and developed into a passion for me.

Do you have any work out there?

Yes.  I have released a track entitled Shade. It is my official song since I got signed to AMO. But I have three other songs I sang before joining the record label.

What genre of music do you do?

I do RnB basically.

Can you tell us what inspires your kind of music?

Let me start with Shade, it is a commercial, danceable song that everyone would love to listen to.

It came out of the need to reach out to my fans with good music.  Most of my songs are inspired by my growing up days. I love listening to good music, most especially from my role models.  I learnt how to write deep songs. My songs are not just deep, they are commercial as well.

Who are your role models in the music industry and who are the artistes you would love to collaborate with?

Kiss Daniel, Wizkid, I wouldn’t mind having a collabo with any one of them. I would love to feature an artistes from Marvin Records too.

Share some of your challenges as an artiste?

Doing good music, doing what people would identify with and accept.  Also, cash is another challenge.



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