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Guardian sacks 130 staffers at the end of June

Apprehension and stress have settled on Rutam House, the official headquarters of The Guardian newspapers on Oshodi-Apapa  Expressway (Lagos), as 130 of their 432 staffers will be offloaded to the labour market at the end of June. With over 25 percent recommended for disengagement by its consultants, Deloitte and Touché, the board of the prestigious publication was also dissolved last week… and those slated for disengagement are not even aware yet.

At a meeting held on Wednesday, June 15, 2016, around 10 am, the senior management staffers were informed about the decision. But details of the execution were not revealed. The only things they know for sure is that some positions have been scrapped and that about 130 of its employees will leave at the end of the the month.

Insiders informed that a new organogram was revealed with quite a number of new positions.

For one, Lady Maiden Ibru will no longer serve as the chairman as she stepped down. She will become a non-executive director but retain her role as publisher.

There is no longer a chief operating officer. Instead, there will be a chief executive officer.

Also, there will be a chief financial officer, a chief commercial officer and a managing editor, amongst others. So, many of the senior directors and management staff are on their way out.

The move to reposition The Guardian started last year with the audit of staff and their roles by Deloitte and Touché. The assignment was again repeated this year, and its recommendations include the shedding of 130 staffers from its 432 workforce.

This is the second time in recent memory The Guardian will be restructuring. An exercise was done in 2007 where over 50 percent of its workers were disengaged, from over 1,000 to less than 500.

Many are waiting patiently to see who goes and who stays. But there are speculations that one of the sons of the Ibrus, 35 year old Toke,  an executive director, may move up the ladder. It’s unclear what position Tive, his younger brother, also an executive director, will occupy.


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