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Gulder stands out in Nigerian beer market with bold new label

With its helmet of courage and the striking redness of the valour it exudes, the great brown bottle has left blissful legendary prints on those that have dared to drink from the famous bottle.

To double its already profound feeling of self-fulfillment, the great taste we have all come to love and respect, is back in bold new look.

Established since 1970, the Gulder brand unfolds a new phase of its ultimate uniqueness.

For the bold, the daring, the relentless, Gulder Ultimate Beer helps to create ultimate fulfillment for those who dare to drink.

This year, Gulder Ultimate Beer comes in a new and refreshing design, revealing elegance and pleasant surprises only to the bold and strong hearted.

The Portfolio Manager, National Premium Lager, Nigerian Breweries, Olayinka Bakare explained the reason behind the new label and the brand proposition.

“We are all about inspiring our customers to live the ultimate life and be all they can be. We are a true, driven and daring brand and we wanted a new look that encapsulates all these our values. We are convinced this new look Label communicates our brand ideals better and are proud to be unveiling it.”

Gulder has always been big on transformation and consumer satisfaction, and with the launch of a new label for its bottle, Gulder is set to retake market leadership with its beautifully designed Label essentially redesigned to delight consumers and encourage them to be the best version of themselves – the ultimate life!


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