Hadiza Azzay explains why she delved into acting

HADIZA Zakky Azzay is an upcoming actress ready to explode.  In an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the pretty, young mother of three children opened up on her new career, why she loves acting, her marriage and much more…


How have you been coping without your husband?

It’s not really easy, but God has been faithful seriously, I must confess.  Coming from a married background, now you are no more married, you have to adjust to fit into the new position you find yourself.  God has been good in all, everything will be fine.

What would you say you miss most about your husband and your daughter, who is still in his custody?

Really, I miss family life. I miss companionship, I miss being in the midst of them.  Those things we do together are no longer possible.  Especially my daughter, I miss her so much.  Close to two years now, I have not seen her, hold her as a mother.  You need to be close to your child, know how she is doing.  I really miss her, but no regret.  Atimes, I don’t even sleep, because I am busy thinking about her.

Hadiza Yadoo

Hadiza Yadoo

(Cuts in) And for Zakky?

Hmm!  He’s where he is now.

A lot of people are praying you are reunited especially if he turns a new leaf?

It’s something for the sake of the children. I also wish the same, so that it wouldn’t be generational for my children.  I’ve had enough of it but I don’t pray to go back.  Let God’s will be done.

How are your children doing?

We thank God, they are doing very well.  Even my son is very good now at school.

Does Zakky pay their school fees?

Absolutely no!  I am the one that pays their bills now, you can have an idea of what I was going through when I was in that house.  It’s not been easy for me, but God has been helping us.  Zakky knows my account number, but he has never sent anything.

You are in court seeking divorce, how far has the case gone?

When you are in court, you don’t say much.  The case has been adjourned till September.  We will meet there.

So, you want a divorce?

Yes, I deserve a divorce.

We have it on good authority that you have delved into acting?

(Laughs) Really, how do people hear things like this?  Yeah, right from my days in school, I did stage act and the rest. I love acting, so I am into it.

How did you discover this part of you?

When something is in you, you will not be comfortable until you’ve satisfied that very thing. This is something I have flair for.  Acting has been in me right from childhood.

How has it been so far?

When something is in you, it keeps chasing you wherever you go, you are not yourself all the time.  I love drama.  So, it’s been okay.  I enjoy it a lot.  It’s interesting being on set.  You meet people and crack jokes.

Can you please tell us the movies or soaps you’ve shot so far?

Hmm…the new soaps I’ve is Scandalous Mercy and more to come.

What has been the challenge so far?

The challenge is that I need more jobs, I am ready to work.  Hadiza is ready to explode, give me the job, I will work for you.  I need to show my talent not even for the money.

There are quite a lot of hot actresses out there, what would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?

Actually, they are no threat, they are all good.  Very hot, but everyone has his or her thing.  There are ups and downs in life that you experience wherever you go.  For those hot actresses hope to meet them some day, work with them, be like them, one day we will get there.  I love them all.

Now that you are into acting, how will you cope with family life, the kids, your job, which is very demanding?

Everything is about planning.  You must have plans to guide you through.  I love kids, because I am a family woman.  So, I will cope by God’s grace.

Apart from acting, what other things do you do to make money?

I am a businesswoman, I sell quite a lot of things like designer clothes, shoes and bags.  I cook Indian dishes for people as well.

You are still very pretty and sexy, how do you cope with male admirers?

Am I young at 30?  I wouldn’t lie, you’ve got to see them starring at you, you just have to compose yourself out there.

What is your beauty routine?

Do I really have one?  I don’t, I don’t really have time, I hardly even rub cream.

What is the most expensive item in your closet?

Ha!  Do I have?  I don’t think I do, or let’s say my perfume, that’s all.  I am not the flamboyant type, so I don’t really know.

Granted the fact that you can work with any film maker, on whose set would you love to work most?

Anyone, I can work with anybody provided the person is okay and has a good spirit. I can work for anyone.

What is your dream for the movie industry?

Let God’s will be done, that’s all.

And your expectations?

I wish everyone well, I pray for Zakky every day. I pray for my kids.  Let the will of God be done in my life.  I want a situation whereby we will come together sort things out, let people not hear our stories again.  No matter where he is, I pray one day he will meet his children. It’s not really good, especially for the children.  This is not about popularity or fame.  We all serve one God, no need to fight over anything.

Has your dad been supportive since this incident?

Yes, my dad has been supportive.  He’s a calm man, he loves his children.  He doesn’t like violence at all.  One thing is that when your hands are clean, God fights your battle.  You can imagine people keep supplying our needs, we never lack anything.  We moved into our house on December 15, my room was furnished by one person. I just thank God for all the things happening in my life and family.  Even my son told me, ‘Mom, don’t worry, God will give you peace, everything will be fine.’

How many kids do you have?

I have three, two girls and a boy and I love them so much.  Zara is 9, Dido is 7 and Mimi is 5.  Even my fans out there I love them.





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