Hair dressers laments as sale of weave-on drops, Ladies keep hair for longer period


The harsh economy has not made the country a conducive environment for trade anymore. Due to the recession going on in the country, all the economic sectors have been stretched beyond limit.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with hair dressers and weave-on sellers about the sales of weave-ons – Is it true that the sales of weave-ons have dropped?  How have you been coping with the recession?

What do you want the government to do about this situation? And this is what they have to say:


‘The prices increase every day’

– ZAINAB  ASIFAT, De Formula Beauty Care Salon

Yes, it is true that the sales of weave-ons have really dropped, because of the increase in price of the goods; the price keeps increasing every day. The weave-on that cost N2,000 is now N3,000, even attachment that used to be N350 is now N600. With this, we cannot charge our customers much for making the hair because the cost of the material they will use to make the hair has taken all the money they want to use to make their hair. The cost of Expression weave-on used to be N600 now it is N900, Bliss Human hair used to be N4,500 now it is N7,000.

There is nothing I can do, we are managing the little that comes our way because right now, people do not value quality rather they go for quantity. So, if you decide not to do it for them, they will go somewhere else and you have to be nice with your customers by all means, no matter how bad they negotiate.

I want the government to reduce the prices of these goods. They should allow the products come back to their normal prices, if not it will get to a stage whereby women will be carrying their hair for 3 months or 6 months before they make new ones.


‘Customers don’t even buy used ones’ 

-NIKE OGUNLEYE,  Nikky Salon

Yes it is has dropped due to how expensive the weave-ons are. Most of my customers don’t even buy hew ones anymore, even attachments, they come with used ones. You can imagine a weave-on that is N600 is now N900. Let me give you the price range of the ones I have in the shop. Expression (small) attachment used to be N350 now N600, big attachment of Expression used to be N500 now N700. Small Express weave-on used to be N500 is now N750, 8 inches synthetic hair used to be N500 now N800, 10 inches synthetic hair used to be N1,200 now N1,600. 8 inches human hair used to be N2,500 now N3,500. 12 inches human hair used to be N3,500 now N5,000. 14 inches human hair used to be N4,500 now N8,000. Then for Brazilian hair and naked weave-ons, you can get from N15,000 before but now it is from N25,000 and above.

I thank God I am managing the ones I see. If customers come, I will make their hair but if they don’t, I won’t. Most of my customers have now decided to be carrying their hair more than the usual time because of how expensive it is to make hair. But I am supporting myself with the drinks that I sell in my shop.

If there is a way they can reduce the prices of this expensive weave-ons, they should do it for us. Because, with the high price, there is no gain in the business anymore and we are running the business at loss.

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