HALIMA ABUBAKAR quashes pregnancy tale – ‘I only took ill and I am okay now’


NOLLYWOOD star, Halima Abubakar has every reason to be grateful to God.  And the reason is not far-fetched.  A couple of weeks back, the talented role interpreter was down with chronic typhoid and ulcer, but now she is back on her feet.  However, throughout the period she was on sick bed, rumour mill was agog that the Kogi born entertainer was pregnant.  But she debunked this totally when ENCOMIUM Weekly had an exclusive interview with her in her Maryland, Lagos residence on Friday, January 10, 2013.  She also spoke on other issues including her controversial mode of dressing.

2013 has come and gone, how would you assess the year?

It was a beautiful and revealing year.  It’s also tasking and hard.  No matter how much I achieved during the year, I was also in the hospital before the New Year began.  But at the same time, I give thanks to Almighty God for keeping me alive.

What were the things you didn’t do well in 2013 that perhaps you intend to adjust in 2014?

Yes, I have quite a number of things I need to amend including lack of patience, quick to anger attitude and all that.  For instance, I don’t just like seeing some things getting slow, that kind of a situation gets me upset easily.  So, I really like to work on such shortcomings and also be more patient.  Then, I would love to laugh more this year.

What are the new things you intend to inject into your career this year?

I want to diversify by acting in language movies.  In 2013, I rejected a lot of such movies.  So, this year I would like to experiment and do some Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa movies.  I was called upon last year to act in some ethnic movies which I turned down due to some reasons.  Although, I was also busy then. In 2014, I will give it a shot.  Equally, I will shoot my first Igbira movie.  And I believe it’s going to be a bang.

How would you rate your movie, Mistresses, in 2013 in terms of sales, public acceptance all that?

I am going to give it 70 per cent. I tried in 2013.  I will give it to myself.  I love all my jobs including my personal movie, Mistresses.  Above all, the fact that the movie finally came out in 2013 was a big relief.

Nothing is heard again about your second movie, The Bully.  What’s really happening?

That’s a project on its own.  It’s going to cost a lot.  Apart from that, it involves kids.  It’s something I have to take time to plan. It’s a very big project. It will definitely be out this year.  But it’s not something I am going to do in a hurry.

Halima-Abububakar-bullingYou have not been in the social scene for quite a while, why?

I have been busy shooting, and when I wasn’t shooting, I fell ill. Also, when I say I am coming for an award, something may crop up.  It’s either I am on my way to Lagos or I am not in Lagos at all.  One thing about people is that when they don’t see you, they will complain, and when they see you often, they will say you’re everywhere.  Now that I have decided to face work and leave jollification for a while, people will still say something. I was even told I only attend events when I have an award to pick, that’s a lie. I attend every other event that’s relevant apart from the one I am expected to pick an award.

You said you took ill towards the end of last year, what was the nature of the illness?

I had typhoid and ulcer.  But I thought the ulcer was gone. I was only busy treating headache and chest pain, not knowing I still had ulcer. I had a lot of things that were wrong, I had exhaustion and fatigue.  When I went to the hospital, I complained about chest pain, only for me to be admitted.  And I spent six days in the hospital.

How is your health situation now?

I am okay, my health is good now.  But I need all the rest I can get before I start work.  When I start work again, it’s going to be all round the clock.  So, I need to rest very well, now that I am done with my medication.

But the speculation then was that you’re pregnant…

(Cuts in) If I am pregnant, it’s a thing of joy but you can’t be pregnant without having sex.

Are you telling us you don’t have sex?

That’s just my reply.  You need to have sex to be pregnant (laughs).

But you need to shed light on this.  Does it mean you don’t have any man rocking your life at the moment?

I am not going to say anything on that. All I asked is, is it possible to be pregnant without a man doing it?  Or can it be done by a ghost?  So, I was surprised when they said I was pregnant.  A woman just has to sleep with a man to get pregnant, period.

That means there is no man in your life at the moment?

That’s not what I meant, I never told you that.  My answer was that one has to make love before getting pregnant.  It doesn’t mean there is a man or there is no man.

Or can we say you have abstained from sex?

Was I having sex before?  I can’t understand what you mean.  As a very strict lady, I don’t answer any question about sex.  Even, right from time, and I am sure you know that.  Also, as an ambassador, it’s not something I should be discussing.  It’s something I should preach against as a role model to the young ones.  I should be able to tell them, “Stay in school and abstain from sex to avoid being pregnant.”  Let them know abortion is not good. So, I do not answer      question about sex naturally. So, let’s leave it at that.

Your appearance recently, especially with the kind of make-up, the attires, shoes and all that, all to match have been generating reactions within and outside the industry.  What actually informed dressing in all blue ensembles today, and tomorrow pink or purple?

Nothing attached, it’s just to make a fashion statement.

But people are saying it’s suspicious dressing that way…

Like how?  What of if I also painted my car in the same colour with my dress, what then would they be saying?

Some are alleging it’s ritual…

(Cuts in) Unbelievable!  People are just being funny. Some people don’t even know what fashion is and what it means for you to experiment.  I am naturally somebody that gets bored with a lot of stuffs and I like to just play with these things. I don’t take fashion serious. I don’t attach sentiment to anything. That day, I wanted to wear blue, and I said let me also wear blue shoes.  This is fashion statement and I made what I wanted to make.  Tomorrow, I may decide to go all black, that’s me.  I am not a ritualist.  I don’t know what they mean.

So, nothing attached to it?

Yes, it’s just fashion, I am just having fun.

Finally, what’s your plan for 2014?

It’s too early to start defining what I want to do.  Whatever God has in stock for me, I am ready for it.  I am ready for every good thing that comes my way.


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