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Happenstances from Ozioma Okposo’s 40th birthday

On Saturday, February 21, 2015, fair skinned Ozioma Okposo wife of Welu welu master, Sammie Okposo rolled out the drums in celebration of 40 years on earth.

The couple also celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. The event held at Grace Gardens, Lekki Phase 1, Victoria Island, Lagos. Here are short takes from the event.



Family, friends and well wishers gathered on Saturday February 21, 2015, to mark the 40th birthday of Sammie Okposo’s wife and their wedding anniversary. The event started at 5pm.



The venue of the two in one event was at Grace Garden, Lekki Phase 1. The hall was decorated in silver, while the golden chairs and tables were decorated in lemon green and gold.



The beautiful celebrant, Ozioma Okposo arrived some minutes to five.

She was garbed in a green and gold flowing gown. She was the cynosure of all eyes as she walked in majestically into the hall. The communion service commenced immediately she and her husband came in.



Sammie and Ozioma came separately to the venue. Sammie Okposo came in his customized white BMW with plate number, SO1. He wore a sky blue jacket, navy blue trousers and multi-colour shirt while Ozioma came ‎ in a metallic grey Honda. She spent some time putting finishing touches here and there before she came into the hall.



Pastors took charge of the service immediately the couple stepped inside the hall. Songs of praise and worship rent the air as guests sang praises to high heavens thanking God for the couple.

Celebrant and husband served the communion while Ozioma took the first Bible reading. The service lasted 45 minutes after which guests trooped out for a photo session. The reception started immediately after that.



Inside Out’s Agatha Amata was one of the early comers. She walked in accompanied by a tall lady. She also came with her technical crew to show her support. She was garbed in a white and navy blue jump suit.



Award winning gospel act, Nikky Laoye was in attendance with her husband. Nikky let hair down through out. She was all smiles, exchanging pleasantries with friends and fans. She looked gorgeous in her white and black jump suit.

Her husband wore a brown suit, multi-colour shirt and black trouser. He sat quietly savouring the moment.



Veteran actor and Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Delta state, Richard Mofe Damijo was around.

The handsome dude wore a grey suit. He looked cool and aging gracefully.



Richard Mofe Damijo and Agatha Amata were outside the venue for a couple of minutes. Guess they were catching up on old times.



Ozioma is indeed a lucky woman. Guests came with carrier bags containing birthday presents. The celebrant went home with more than a hand full.


‘My wife is my biggest fan, she is my number one supporter’-SAMMIE OKPOSO

Congratulations on your wife’s 40th birthday?

Sammie Okposo and wife, Ozioma

Sammie Okposo and wife, Ozioma

Thank you.

How does it feel that your wife has clocked 40?

I feel great.

How will you describe her?

I don’t have enough words to describe her. I thank God for the day I met her. She is a wonderful woman. She is my co-pilot, my best friend. Words are not enough, she is a great woman. I thank God she is my wife.

What are your wishes for her?

They say life begins at 40, my wish for her is that God will throw her pleasant surprises. The next stage of her life will be full of pleasant surprises, I wish her long life, good health, increase, prosperity and favour.

Your marriage is also five years, how does it feel?

It has been fantastic five years, it has been the best five years of my life. I could not have asked for any other. Five years just came and went by, it looked like five weeks. Time flies when you are having a wonderful time, and it has been a great journey.

What is the best thing about being married?

Before, when I travelled and came back, I came back to an empty house, nobody said welcome ,how was your journey, could I get you something. Nobody gave me a little massage on my shoulder, nobody shared my success, good times. It is just great to have a companion.

Can you share some of your greatest challenges in your five years of marriage?

Every day, you wake up, you will be challenged. Every day, you have to deal with it as well. I don’t think there is any peculiar challenge, it has been a fantastic five years. We had some issues to deal with, we have gone through them but we came out rejoicing.

What has kept your marriage in the last five years?

First, you need to marry your friend, someone who understands the work you do. It can be crazy sometimes. You need a man, a woman who understands you for who you are and knows that this is what my husband does, I will support him. My wife is my biggest fan, she is my number one supporter. She loves what I do and makes it easy for me. With that, even if I travel for a long time, the understanding is there. One ingredient you need is to marry somebody who loves you for who you are and is part of what you do.

What should we expect from the stable of Sammie Okposo this year?

Great things – my new album should be out by May, I have some singles out there already. You will see Sammie Okposo in the movie industry this year. I am working on a reality TV show. There is a lot coming from the stable of Sammy Okposo.

What inspired the decision to veer into acting?

They have been on my case for a long time but I was not ready then. I think the time is set for me.

Have you shot any movie?

Not yet. In the offing, we are working on it.


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