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Harper Lee’s lost novel debut causes stir

Harper Lee (89) who hasn’t published a book since 1960 – when she wrote “To Kill a Mocking Bird”, an instant sensation winning her the Pulitzer Prize and an Academy Award winning movie – has resurfaced with a book, “Go set the watchmen”.  Set to be releases on July 14, 2015, it is being touted by many the biggest book event of the decade.

Fans gave up long ago on the hope that “To Kill a Mocking Bird” would be followed by a second book, and Lee reportedly told her friends that she could never complete another novel. But this all changed February when publishing house, Harper Collins announced that a new book has been discovered.

Lee moved back to Monroeville (Pennsylvania, United States) after suffering a stroke and was in an assisted-living facility. Tonia Carter, Lee’s lawyer, said she found the manuscript, “Go set the watchmen” in August 2014 in a safe-deposit box.

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