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Having an unhappy spouse is bad for your health

An unhappy wife or husband would make you feel sick. A new study show that having a happy spouse increases a person’s own chances of good health.

Research expert, Bill Chopik of Michigan State University, USA,  noted that even if you’re the happiest person, your health can be dragged down by a depressed spouse.

In a research, Dr. Chopik tracked the health and happiness of almost 2,000 couples for six years. It was observed that a spouse’s happiness had an effect on the partner’s health.

According to Dr. Chopik, “‘Participants with happy partners were significantly more likely to report better health, experience less physical impairment and exercise more frequently than participants with unhappy partners, even when accounting for the impact of their own happiness and other life circumstances. None of these effects diminished over time suggesting that having a happy partner could afford surprisingly long-lasting effects on a person’s own health.”

Happiness boosts a person’s own health. Also, one’s happiness has a direct effect on another’s health. Someone who is cheerful is most likely to eat regularly and sleep well and that rubs off on the partner. While an atmosphere that is tensed would also bring some negativity on the husband or wife.

“For better and for worse, daily life inevitably involves the presence of other people and happiness simply cannot exist in a vacuum. The presence of one person’s sickness may be subtly indicated by the absent smile of another,” he added.


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