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Having regular sex is key to effective conception

Couples trying to produce an offspring are advised to have more sex.This is because it boosts the chances of an embryo inserted in the womb and also helps the mother carry the baby to full term.

A team of researchers from the University of Adelaide, Australia, found that immune cells called regulatory T-cells are released when a female mouse copulates.

Semen also triggers the immune changes in women. They discovered signs that shortly after sex, the cervix releases immune indicating increase levels of T-cells.

The team head, Prof. Sarah Robertson, stated, “It’s as if the seminal fluid is a Trojan horse that activates the immune cells to get things ready for conception. Such effects may also cut the chances of a foetus being  rejected later on.”

During IVF, embryos inserted into the womb often fail to implant in the uterine lining. Though clinics advise abstinence, new study reveal that sex improves implantation rate by 23 percent

The effect of semen explains why most couples take time to conceive. Insisting that having sex regularly seems to be the key to effective conception.

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