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Having trouble sleeping? Here is why

According to Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, a sleep and energy expert,  being preoccupied over our sleep could be letting us down. And this worry has over the years caused insomnia, with many using sleeping.

“If we change the way we think about how much sleep we’re getting, we will be able to have a better night’s rest.”

Adding that the timing of your sleep is key because while you can catch up lost sleep to some extent, you can’t fully recover it.

She also suggested that when you wake up, you shouldn’t check your phone because they keep you awake longer. Avoid checking what time it is. It can disrupt your sleep pattern. Instead, lie back and you’d fall back to sleep.

In a research by The National Sleep Foundation in the US, the recommended daily allowance of sleep for persons of 18 – 64 years is seven to nine hours a night. This doesn’t necessary mean you should be worried if you’re not get it. Noting that if you wake up feeling refreshed after just five hours sleep, then that’s okay.

Dr. Ramlakhan also suggests you try taking a nap. People avoid napping because of the fear of not getting sleep at night, but it’s worth the try. It involves closing your eyes and you freeing your mind. It comes with its benefit, which is feeling refreshed and increasing focus.

In her book, titled, Fast Asleep, Wide Awake, she suggests you avoid taking sleeping pills even if you’re struggling to get the needed sleep.

“Stay open to the possibility that you can change your relationship with sleep,” says Dr. Ramlakhan.


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