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Henrietta, Keshi, Amodu : How you can die suddenly easily 

You can just die suddenly easily… apart from being involved in an accident. The sudden deaths of chubby actress Henrietta Kosoko, 52, in the morning of Monday, June 6; former football star and coach Stephen Keshi, 54, in the night of Tuesday, June 7; and former coach Shuaibu Amodu, 58, in the early hours of Saturday, June 11, are still being studied.
While Kosoko died from diabetes complications, Keshi suffered cardiac arrest occasioned by hypertension and broken heart and Amodu also died of a cardiac arrest as he reportedly complained of chest pain.

Researches into people dying suddenly have long been an interesting subject. Though people may have ailments that are not effectively managed, one can also die ‘suddenly’.
Here are some ailments that can lead to ‘sudden death’ :
1. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) – Here, the muscle surrounding the heart thickens and blood is not pumped sufficiently.
2. Coronary artery abnormalities  – Some people are born with heart arteries that are abnormally connected, and once the arteries are suddenly compressed, blood may not properly flow to the heart.
3. Long QT syndrome – This is an inherited heart rhythm disorder which causes the heart to beat fast.
4. Congenital heart disease and heart muscle abnormalities
5. Brain aneurysm – Abnormal bulges in the wall of a brain vessel leads to stroke, without the patient warned before hand. Though there are symptoms such as droopy eyelid, double vision, once you don’t see a doctor, they might be undetected.
6. Aortic dissection  – Ripped artery which leads blood to flow in the wrong direction.
7. Pulmonary embolism

8. Blood clot in the lungs.
9. Epilepsy
10. Ingesting illicit drugs

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