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Henrietta Kosoko: Children, brother speak on her last days




We commiserate with you on the passing away of your mother.

Thank you very much sir.

How do you feel losing her at this stage of your life?

It’s a tragedy. It’s very sad and painful, but at the same time, we have to be strong for her. She always told us to be strong in every situation. She wouldn’t want me to cry. And I was also born to cherish and honour her memory. So, she wouldn’t want me to cry, she wouldn’t want any of her family members to cry. And that’s what we have been doing. She was a very strong woman. We thank God. It’s He that giveth life and taketh it as at when due. So, I thank God for her life. She made us proud. She is a legacy. So, I love her.

What would you miss the most about her?

Her cooking and her smiles. She was always positive in whatever situation she  found herself. So, I will always cherish that. She always brought light into every dark situation. I would always miss her  positivity. Also, she was a motivation to everyone. I would miss everything about her, especially her smiles.

What would she be remembered for?

She would be remembered for everything. She was a mother to everyone, and would be remembered for that also. She would be remembered for being a proud mother and actress. She was a very talented actress and a good cook.

She was a caterer which I think a lot of people did not know. Also, she would be remembered for her positivity and an inspiration to others. Also, she would be remembered for bringing strength into every situation that you’re in. She always looked for a way when people felt there was no way. When they felt there was no hope, she was always there for them. She was known for bringing out the singer in you when you wallow. So, she would definitely be remembered for that positivity. She was an inspiration and a mother to all, not just I and my siblings. She was my friend and colleague. And a lot of people know her. She would forever be remembered for that strength and love for all.

Are you still in school or you have graduated?

Yes, I am done. I attended Hondegbe North America University, Benin Republic, where I studied Accounting. My twin brother studied Economics.

Now, life without her, how would you describe that?

She’s always in my heart. She is always in my memory. So, I don’t think there’s life without her. I don’t think I am living without her because she’s always there for me. She’s in my heart.

We learnt she really supported your career…

(Cuts in) Yes, she was, indeed, my very good pillar of support. Every time I had a show, she would always make sure she was there. In fact, if she got to a show, she always liked to see the list of the artistes that would perform. She would just tell the organisers, “See that fine boy sitting there, he’s my son. He’s a very good and talented artiste. Please, take his CD. He has to perform and you won’t be disappointed.” And trust me, I have never disappointed her. So, I love her for always being there for me. Even when I never expected she would be, she would always be there.

What was her last promise to you?

She always wanted me to finish school. So, she was glad for that. Aside that, before she got sick because we didn’t have the chance to say good bye to her, the last thing she told my twin brother and I was that we must not let our younger ones and whole family down. She’s a legacy and we should try and create a legacy for ourselves as well. She believed we can become legends, only if we believe and work hard towards it. She asked us to pray and press the key. She told us to always believe in what we do, and then the sky is the limit.

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