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Henrietta Kosoko’s last interview: Recaps her auto crash ordeal

POPULAR actress, Henrietta Kosoko has every reason to be thankful to God.  She was involved in an auto accident on Friday, January 30, 2015, in Abeokuta, Ogun State that kept her hospitalized for 11 days.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with the beefy role interpreter about her experience and ordeal.

How are you feeling now?

I give glory to God.  I am getting better, I am much better now.  I have a mark on my forehead as a result of the injury I sustained.

How and when did it happen?

The wrecked car

The wrecked car

I went to Abeokuta for TAMPPAN national meeting on Thursday.  I decided to stay over because my friend who was having a remembrance for her husband.  I left Abeokuta around past 11 a.m the following day.  I got to a place they call Kobape.  I was about climbing a bump when I noticed that the car brake was faulty.  When I couldn’t find a solution to it, I had to look for where to hit, so, I ran into the bush.  That was all I could remember, until I woke up.  I was already taken to the hospital.  I was shouting E ma je kin ku bayi (don’t let me die like this).

Did the car or its brake have any fault before you travelled?

When you want to travel, it is normal to do a check up, service the car and all that. I took the car to Ladipo some days before I travelled.  I even took it to one Total petrol station for brake oil.  The car was sound, it was okay before I travelled.  I changed some parts at Ladipo.  It didn’t give any faulty sign at all.  It didn’t have any problem before I travelled.

Who took you to the hospital?

I don’t know them.  They were just good Samaritans.  A police officer also assisted.  His name is Taiwo.

We learnt you were taken to a hospital in Lantoro, Abeokuta?

It was Sacred Heart Hospital, Lantoro.  It is a Catholic hospital.

What lessons did you learn from your ordeal?

I have learnt never to travel alone.  If we were two or more, things wouldn’t have ended up this way.

Her injured face

Her injured face

What is the state of the car?

I have not even seen it.  My brothers brought it back home from Abeokuta.

How much did you spend while in the hospital?

I thank God for saving me. I thank God for another opportunity to be alive.  I can’t count the cost.  We spent money every day.  Counting it is like counting your blessings.

How many days did you spend in the hospital?

11 days.

If the health sector was okay, would you have preferred a general hospital?

I don’t know what happened that day.  The nearest place they could take me to was where they took me to.  Our government is trying really.  I even thought they would refer me to Lagos, I would have gone to the general hospital.  I used to go to General Hospital in Lagos.  There are a lot of facilities in our general hospitals, they are really trying.

Can you tell us the level of injury you sustained?

I had an injury on my head.  But if I wear a wig, it will cover it up.


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