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Here are 13 facts about Forbes’ richest people in 2017

Forbes, the prestigious journal which periodically tabulates the wealth of the world’s richest people, is out again with the 2017 list.
And here are 13 facts about dollar billionaires this year:
1. Billionaires jumped to 2,043 from 1,810 in the last one year.
2. This is the first time there are more than 2,000 dollar billionaires in the world.
3. Total net worth of billionaires stand at $7.67 trillion.
4. This record is the biggest change in 31 years  (when the ranking began).
5. Bill Gates is the richest man, for the fourth year running, with $86 billion (from $75 billion).
He’s been the richest man for 18 of the last 23 years.
6. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos recorded the highest gains, with $27.6 billion. His fortune stands at $72.8 billion, and he’s number 3.
7. Warren Buffet is number 2, gaining  $14.8 in 12 months. His net worth is $75.6 billion.
8. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg moved to number 5 for the first time, with a rise of $11.4 billion. He has $56 billion to his name.
9. There are 195 newcomers on the list, and China has 76 of those.
10. John Collison, Irish co-founder of Stripe, based in San Francisco, is the youngest billionaire at 26.
11. There are 56 billionaires under 40.
12. There are 227 women on the list, and 15 are newcomers.
13  The United States of America leads with 565 billionaire, and China follows with 319.



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