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Here are ladies’ tampons and sanitary pads experiences

Sanitary pads and tampons are two major items commonly used by women for their monthly periods. They are both soft and very comfortable and can keep one dry for hours.

However, most ladies prefer sanitary pads to tampons.

We sampled their opinions to know why…


Abigael Oyerinde

I am used to sanitary pads. When I started out in secondary school, my mom used to buy me sanitary pads. I never got to know what a tampon was till I graduated from university. Sanitary pads always.


Zainab Ogunmuyiwa

I have never used a tampon before. For me, sanitary pads are okay. They are comfortable and keep me dry for long. Maybe when I use a tampon, I will know which is better.


Lilian Ogbonna

I usually have very heavy flow, it drips like a tap. I used to get stained always until I got to know about tampon. Once I used it, I never get stained. For me, tampon is the best.


Bidemi Akeem

I started with tissue paper. I used to hide the fact that I had started menstruating from my mom till she found out. Thereafter, I changed to sanitary pads, and I have never tried a tampon. I have seen my friends use it but it has never caught my fancy.


Esther Faleke

I have never used a tampon. I just get scared it would get stuck right inside. I don’t think I can use it because of that reason.


Tobi Oba

I was using tampon before I stopped three years ago. The string cut and it was a battle to pull it out. It wasn’t funny that day at all. I had to seek assistance in order to bring it out l. Since then, I stopped using it.


Sandra Kwame

Sanitary pads are okay for me, I find it difficult to use a toilet when I am wearing a tampon. That is why I prefer sanitary pads.


Blossom Chukwudi

I use sanitary pads because I can easily get one to buy. You can’t get a tampon if you don’t go to a big supermart. Even some supermarts don’t sell it. But you can buy sanitary pads anywhere.


Nifemi Oni

I prefer tampon, it is more handy than sanitary pads. You can have a pack in your bag and nobody would know it is tampon.


Anuoluwapo Alabi

Sanitary pads are the best. I believe most people use it more than tampon. It is handy and always available anywhere. More so, I am used to it.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 


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