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Here are Premier League’s highest paid soccer stars

The 24th season of the Premier League has come and gone leaving many with the surprise of how Leicester City lifted the trophy.

Football stars will again justify their pay with goals, dribbles, skills, filed presence, abilities and techniques.

Now, as the 20 teams that made it to the 2016 – 17 Premier league gear up for the 25th season which is due to start on August 13, 2016, and run through to May 21, 2017, here are the top ten highest paid players in the league and the clubs they represent.


  1. Wayne Rooney: The England national team player tops the list of current England Premier League (EPL)’s soccer stars with an estimated earning of €386, 960 (N121,505,440) from Manchester United every week.


  1. Angel Di Maria: He currently holds the record of the most expensive player of English premier league transfer history; he earns €350,230 (N109,972,220) from Manchester United and is an Argentine national star.


  1. Radamel Falcao: The third highest paid play who also plays for the Manchester United, same as Di Maria and Rooney. He is a Colombian player and earns approximately €310, 470 (N97,487,580) every week from soccer.


  1. Yaya Toure: An amazing centre midfielder for Manchester City since 2010 when he joined the club, his weekly earning stands at € 300, 070 (N94,221,980). He is from Ivory Coast.


  1. Robin Van Persie: RVP as he is fondly called is the fifth highest paid footballer in the Premier League, he plays for the Red Devils – Manchester United and is also a Dutch National Striker. He earns €281, 310 (N88,331,340) weekly.


  1. Sergio Aguero: Regarded as the youngest player ever to play Argentine Premier Division and doubles as Manchester City’s highest scoring striker, his move to Manchester City was estimated at 35 million pounds  and he is currently paid €281, 310 (N88,331,340) weekly from English premier league.


  1. Cesc Fabregas: Former arsenal player who currently plays for Chelsea seats at number seven on the list of top paid players, his weekly earnings is € 250, 060 (N78,518,840).


  1. Eden Hazard: Earns € 231,300 (N72,628,200) from his club Chelsea FC. No doubt, Hazard is one of England’s finest attacking midfielders distinguished for his speed and technical abilities. He also plays for Belgium National Team as a winger.


  1. Mesut Ozil: The only Arsenal player to make the list, ranks ninth on the highest paid soccer star with earnings of € 225, 060 (N70,668,840). He started his professional football career in 2006 with German midfielder, before he moved to Spanish side, Real Madrid. Ozil moved to Arsenal last season.


  1. John Terry: The Chelsea captain who also plays in the England national team close the list of the top ten highest paid footballers; Terry has won four FA cups, two league cups and a Champions league title so far in his career, he is paid € 218,800 (N68,703,200) weekly.

– Seyifunmi Adebote for

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