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Here are the 14 signs your pastor is fake

Opinions about churches, pastors and religion have always been controversial. With churches cropping up like mushrooms across the land without commensurate display of good form, better people and a decent society, it is easy to conclude that leaders and their congregation are apparently walking on the wrong path.

And with many scandals exploding on the faces of ‘men of God’, what are we to do?

Why do respected pastors fall recklessly, chasing skirts and lucre? How does a Christian, eager to live aright and find his way to Paradise, separate real pastors from charlatans?  How does he know preachers likely to engage in adultery, that will easily prance on the wild boulevard of sin and is fake?

It is easy to tell as human beings can’t really hide who they are. There are tell-tale signs.


Here are the 14 signals that expose fake, wayward and adulterous ‘men of God’:


  1. Flamboyant and more concerned about his wardrobe and grooming.

When the leader of a religious organisation is easily the most flamboyant dandy, always well groomed and primed, looking like a peacock, then something is wrong.

Once a man who is supposed to embrace simplicity starts competing with those obsessed with fashion, there’s a big problem.

Look out for signs of everything matching, and attires those in banking and corporate world cannot adorn, then you have a fake on your hand.



  1. Preaches prosperity more than salvation.

Those who depart from the principal message of Christ, from salvation, should be suspected.

Once your leader goes out of the Bible to talk like a motivational speaker interested in business success and prosperity, don’t let your guards down.

The whole purpose of life on earth is to find Paradise.  And teachings that make us eligible for Paradise, the salvation of our souls, should be paramount.


  1. Always emphasizing tithes, offerings and donations.

Once the main object of attending church is made to look like ‘money generation’, take a walk.

Too much emphasis on tithes, offerings and donations means there is something wrong.

Don’t forget to ask where all these monies go. To improve the life of the pastor and his family? To expand his empire?


  1. Lack of transparency in church accounts.

Once accounts of the church and the leader are inseparable, there is something wrong.

At most, the pastor should be on a salary! A salary decided by leaders of the church. And the body should decide how the church’s accounts are run.

Where the sole signatories are the pastor and the immediate family, room for abuse is wide open.


  1. The church belongs to him.

Once the church essentially belongs to one man and his family, you are in the wrong place.

Always check how the church is constituted. Once it is run like a personal estate, you are not flying anywhere.


  1. Never ending projects that need funding.

If the church is always under construction, with never ending projects that need your money, then you are more in a church expanding at the detriment of nurturing souls.

Especially if in the long run the projects are personally owned.


  1. Enjoys travelling and staying in expensive hotels.

Once your pastor is constantly travelling across the world with church’s resources, staying at expensive boutique hotels and going on frivolous vocations, you are supporting a tourist.

And if these travels are without his spouse, he’s courting trouble.


  1. Secretive, meeting ladies without aides in attendance.

If your pastor pretends not to be aware that he could be tempted, meets ladies without a third party in attendance, he shouldn’t be trusted.

Serious leaders never allow private meetings with the opposite sex. At anytime!


  1. Excessively careful and protective of his phones and gadgets.

Once phones are protectively guarded, iPads huged and caressed, be suspicious.

And if your pastor is constantly changing gadgets like run girls to the latest versions, he’s still struggling with his calling.


  1. Lives large like a Hollywood movie star and seeks fame.

When your pastor lives like a Hollywood movie star in a sprawling mansion with an enviable fleet of luxury automobiles, it is becoming a drama you should not partake in.

When fame is more important than saving souls, he’s more interested in courting the media and becoming a household name, you should be very worried.


11.Spends too much time away from his wife.

When he takes off for weeks, whether on trips or evangelism, he could easily have side chicks.

When is whereabouts are suspect, he making cavorting with ladies.


  1. Obsessed with casting out demons and performing miracles.

Those who are constantly casting out demons, putting up shows and claiming miraculous powers are mostly fakes.

Once the powers are projected more than the scriptures, they are seeking fame and money.

And those miracles are as stupid as they are fake.


  1. Deluded that he sees tomorrow with regular alarming prophecies.

Preachers laying claims to seeing tomorrow cannot see beyond their noses.

Their alarming prophecies are to draw attention and patronage.

Don’t forget, almost all of them said Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was going to be reelected.

And practically none said Donald Trump would win the United States of America’s Presidential elections.

Many have even claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari would not return from his recent medical vacation in London (the United Kingdom).


  1. Unusually controversial and confrontational.

Uncouth pastors who shun decent avenues of addressing state issues, who are controversial and confrontational, fanning the embers of hate and division, are only after ‘feathering their nests.’

Refined gentlemen  (that’s the minimum for ‘men of God’) choose the proper avenues of telling political leaders their shortcomings or failings. They don’t rant and rave in the media. Only activists follow that path!

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