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Here are the 8 beneficiaries of Etisalat name-change to 9Mobile

The revelation that troubled Etisalat has changed its brand name to 9Mobile this afternoon (Thursday, July 13) is cheering for many of the beneficiaries of one of the most adored telecommunications companies.

Apart from the fact that the company has another chance after its United Arab Emirates major investor (Mubadala) walked out following the contentious $1.4 billion loan, many are dancing as their fortunes will change.


Here are the 8 major beneficiaries of the name-change from Etisalat to 9Mobile as compiled by


  1. Investors, staffers and others whose livelihood depends on its continued operation.

New investors will come in and breathe new life into the telecommunications company.

Apart from safeguarding the previous stakeholders investment, the newcomers stand a chance to make more.

Staffers jittery about employment are saved as the company re-strategises.


  1. Branding companies.

The process of rebranding is multifaceted, with new logos and colours. The company’s ethos will also be tweaked. And branding companies will be at work to deliver satisfactorily.

Whoever wins the bid will make huge fortunes.


  1. Printers.

Those who print logos and other materials the company needs will also make a lot of money.

Those in the business of ‘large format’ and ‘screen printing’ will be busy putting up the new designs of 9Mobile  wherever desired.


  1. Gifts and souvenirs producers.

Those in the business of producing beautiful gifts and souvenirs are in for big business as 9Mobile woos its different publics with enticing items.


  1. Media platforms.

From traditional to new media, many will be bombarded with adverts and advertorials selling 9Mobile.


  1. Consumers.

Patrons of 9Mobile will be treated like Kings and Queens as they are pampered with mouth watering offers just to keep and attract them.


  1. Marketers and franchise owners.

Those who market the product will also be treated well with incentives difficult to replicate.

From vendors to kiosk owners and corner shops or experiential centres, the good times are here.


  1. Painters and artisans.

Buildings, shops and kiosks will be renovated and repainted to suit the new name-change.

Painters and artisans will be engaged for the quick changeover.



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