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Here are the catalogues of natural disasters in the last one month

Natural disaster, as the name implies, is inevitable, irrespective of location. The effect is most times devastating. It could come in the form of landslide, earthquake, erosion, mudslide, hurricane, cyclone, flood or volcanic eruption. What they have in common is the devastating effect on humanity. brings you a catalogue of natural disasters in the last one month…


  1. California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, Nova Scotia, Greece, Brazil, Portugal, Algeria, Tunisia, Greenland, the Sakha Republic of Russia, Siberia are all on fire.


  1. Texas is under water.


  1. India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh experienced record monsoons and massive death toll.


  1. Sierra Leone and Niger experienced massive floods, mudslides and deaths in thousands.


  1. Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia are crushed in the death grip of a triple digit heat wave, dubbed Lucifer.


  1. Southern California continues to swelter under triple digit heat that shows no sign of letting up.


  1. In usually chilly August, the city of San Francisco shattered all-time record at 106 degrees, while it reached 115 degrees south of the city, Northern California continues to bake in the triple digits.


  1. Yellow stone volcano is hit with earthquake swarm of 3.3 shaker.


  1. 5.3 earthquake rumbles through Idaho.


  1. Japan earthquake hit 6.1 on richter scale with possible tsunami.


  1. Mexico earthquake was 8.2 on richter scale with imminent tsunami as beachlines are receded at least 50+ meters.


  1. Hurricane Harvey, Irma (biggest ever recorded), Jose ravaged around countries around the Atlantic with 8 more potentials forming.


  1. The last but not the least, an X10 C.M.E solar flare that recently occurred is the highest recorded solar flare ever.


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