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Here are the conditions that determine if you are middle class

Are you in the middle class stratum?
Simply defined, the middle class is “the social group between the upper and the working classes, including professionals and their families.”
But what are the metrics used in determining members of this class?

Here are some:

1. You have a university degree or post-secondary school diploma.

2. You are a professional in management or own your business.

3. You live in a good house in a good neighbourhood.

4. You own your own house or have hope of building one.

5. There are some essentials of quality living in your household such as cable, generator…

6. You have two cars in the household.

7. Your children are in good schools and most likely to attend university.

8. Your family can afford three square meals, and have treats in addition.

9. You can easily spend on entertainment and treats.

10. You can travel at least once a year abroad with your family.

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