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Here are the conspiracy theories of witch-hunt in Apostle Johnson Suleman’s sex scandals

The avalanche of scandals raining on Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide in the last one week have been labelled a witch-hunt by conspiracy theorists. Among other things, they have pointed out that the timing barely weeks after his invitation by the Department of State Security (DSS), following his statement about the killing of Christians, make the whole accusations of sex mess suspect.

Holes are being punctured in the three cases of Stephanie Otobo, Daniella Okeke and Queen Esther.
For Stephanie Otobo, here are the questions that cast doubt on her allegations:
1. If indeed they were lovers, what was she demanding N500 million for? For the lost pregnancy or proposed wedding he abandoned?
2. Why can’t she  remember details of the hotels in New York and Napoli? And other locations of their trysts?
3. Why did she change the story of the traditional introduction her father denied?
4. Where are the medical records of the pregnancy, antenatal and abortion?
5. Where are the bank statements of the humongous amounts he allegedly gave her?
6. Why is she claiming her laptop which contains details of the liaison is stolen?
7. How come her phones with details of their sex chats and lewd pictures too are also missing?
The link of Daniella Okeke’s Mercedes Benz GL 450 (MUS 123 EJ) to Apostle Johnson Suleman has been ruled as ‘photoshopped’.
The only question in her case is:
1. Can someone apply, through the Freedom of Information procedure to get from Lagos State Motor Vehicle Registration Agency who actually owns the  $76,000 jeep?
In Queen Esther’s case, her accusations are spurious on the following accounts:
1. She has refused to be identified by her full names and pictures.
2. She wants protection from the pastor and his agents, by the Kaduna state government?
3. Her story lacks details and logic.
The conspiracy theories pick holes in all the allegations, linking them to the confrontation with the DSS.



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