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Here are the most expensive phones

Did you know that there is a phone that costs more than a car? And not just one – at least ten phones. Shocked? You are right to be! 

These phones are the most expensive in the world. They are so luxurious that it’s hard to believe that they are only phones.

And here they are:


  1. Vertu Signature Diamond, $88,300 (N33.5 million)

The cheapest phone in our collection, and it was made using hundreds of diamonds. Besides that, Vertu has created it out of platinum while using actual hands, not machines. No wonder it is so expensive. But it’s not as expensive as the next one!


  1. iPhone Princess Plus, $176,400 (N67 million)

iPhone has always been known to be an expensive phone. But how about an iPhone covered with pure gold (18 carats of white gold) and no less than 318 diamonds? Note that 138 of them are princess cut diamonds and the rest on the body are cut diamonds. The iPhone Princess Plus looks quite luxurious. It is a device for a very wealthy person who loves white gold. But still, it is not the most expensive one; we have more luxury to show you!


  1. Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone, $300, 000 (N114 million)

We have a phone that costs as much as a Lamborghini Murcielago. But what for? Where is the luxury we promised? Actually, it does look like the typical smartphone. Sure, it has a great design, but certainly not worth $300,000. Why is it so expensive then? It’s due to the diamonds that are on the phone. One three-carat diamond on the back and 0.25 on the Joystick. And they are removable. So, basically you are paying for the diamonds, not the phone.


  1. Vertu Signature Cobra, $310, 000 (N117.8 million)

A little bit more expensive than the previous one, but we still can’t see the big deal. While creating this phone, the designer used:

– 439 rubies;

– One round white diamond;

– One rich pear-cut diamond;

– Two gorgeous emerald eyes.

The main attraction of the design is the Signature Cobra that comes in different styles – a long gold snake, a green snake on the side bar and a small snake on the front of the phone. The device is not very big, and maybe a wealthy man or women will like to buy this one.


  1. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot, $1 million (N380 million)

At last, we passed the $1 million mark. And what do we have here? A phone with black diamonds that are so beautiful and rare, and 200-year old African black-wood. The wood is known as one of the most expensive woods in the world. Besides that, there are 180 grammes of gold in this luxurious mobile phone. But still it is not as luxurious as the one at the top of our list!


  1. Diamond Crypto Smartphone, $ 1.3 million (N494 million)

Now we are at the top 5 of the most expensive phones in the world. And the next one is Diamond Crypto Smartphone. Just think it – it has 50 diamonds (10 of which are rare blue ones), and some rose gold as well. The phone is insanely expensive and is one of the best creations of Peter Aloisson.


  1. GoldVish Le Million, $ 1.3 million (N495 million)

This one looks super expensive, right? Just look at all of that luxury, the white gold and diamonds. No wonder it is so expensive. It was rolled out back in 2006 and designed by Emmanuel Gueit, famous for his deluxe and expensive watches and jewellery.


  1. iPhone 3G King’s Button, $ 1.5 million (N570 million)

At the top three of the most expensive phones in the world, the popular phone brand iPhone, makes it back on the list. Who would have thought? There are 136 diamonds on the front side of this phone, with the 6.6 carat diamond at the home screen button. It looks quite classy! The phone was designed by Peter Aloisson. An example of beauty, if you ask us.


  1. iPhone 5 Black Diamond, $15.3 million (N5.8 billion)

And another iPhone, wow! And it passed the $10 million mark! This is truly a luxurious phone. Just look at it – gold and diamonds on the side. Classy and stunning, what else do you need from an expensive phone? But we believe that the gold and diamonds won’t make the phone work better. Still looks great, though!


  1. Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6, $95.5 million (N36.2 billion)

And what can we see here? The most expensive phone in the world that is worth almost $100 million dollars! That’s insane, can you believe that? And another iPhone! It looks like pure gold. However, it was made of a single but large 18 carat diamond with some pink and blue.


Now you know the most expensive and luxurious phones in the world! Are they worth it? We doubt it. Phones like these are created to only show off status. However, the performance of the phone stays the same. So why should you pay almost $100 million for a deluxe version of an iPhone 6 if you can buy the same phone but cheaper? Because you can!



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