Here are the most popular beer brands as recession bites harder

The hostile economy is affecting all sectors, and beer consumption in Nigeria is not what it used to be. Beer parlour owners’ lament as customers now cheap alcoholic products to save cost.

ENCOMIUM Weekly brings you the most popular beer brands and their prices as the recession keeps soaring high.


MATTHEW (Alice Place, Iju)

The most popular beer brands here today are the less expensive ones which are Trophy lager beer and Satzenbrau. Customers now drink more of these two products because they are the cheapest.


REMILEKUN (Lady B Bar, Ogba)

I can’t really tell you the most popular beer brands but customers hardly buy expensive beer brands. Majority of our customers here prefer any beer that goes for N200 per bottle.


KENNETH (Paulo Bar)

The popular beer brand lately here is Trophy. A lot of people now seek pleasure in Trophy lager beer. Even those who have been drinking it now take more of it.


ADEWALE (Litus Bar)

All alcoholic products are popular here. What I noticed so far is the fact that people no longer purchase the expensive ones unlike before.


AMOSUN (Danny’s Bar)

I sell almost every brand of beer but here, I think Dubic sells more because it’s the cheapest.


BEER BRANDS                     PRICES (OLD  AND  NEW)

Star beer                      –           N250 – N300

Gulder                         –           N250 – N300

Guinness (big)                        –           N300 – N400

Guinness (small)        –           N200 – N250

“33”                             –           N200 – N250

Harp                            –           N250 – N250

Heineken                    –           N350 – N450

Dubic                          –           N100 – N150

Orijin                          –           N250 – N300

Ace Roots                   –           N250 – N300

Legend Stout              –           N250 – N300

Williams Stout                       –           N250 – N300

Smirnuff Ice               –           N200 – N300

Trophy                                    –           N150 – N200

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