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Here are the most popular Igbo names

A name is the identity of a person. And behind every name, there is always a reason or purpose that prompts the name. 
Often times, we find out that some names are very common and popular. Encomium.ng sought the opinions of few Igbos to find out the most popular names…

Adaku Ukaegbu

In Igbo culture, they give names to their children according to what happens during the birth of the child. I think Ada and Chioma are most popular names anytime, anyday.
Ibeku Chisom
Popular names I know in Igbo are the likes of ‘Ngozi’ which means blessing, ‘Ada’ which is the name given to first daughters. You find out that in every home you go to in Igbo land there must be somebody that bears the name.
Augustine Anyanwu
Popular names in Igbo, we have Emeka, Eze, Obinna, Chika, Chidimma, Ngozi.
All these names are neutral and very popular amongst the Igbos.
Mr. Ben Ukaegbu
Most of the Igbo names are inclined to the Supreme diety. We have popular names like, Nnaemeka, Ifeanyi, Ngozi, Ada, Chinenye, Chukwudi, Chidimma. They are too numerous to mention.
Nnalu Akuwa
All the names that begins with ‘Chi’ are very popular and common. We also have others like Ada, Ngozi, Ify, Azuka, Chukwudi, Chukwuma, Emeka, Obinna. They are too numerous to mention but they are given for a purpose.
Ifeyinwa Okafor
Like my surname, Okafor, Okoro, Ogbonna are all popular. We also have Chidimma, Chioma, Ifeanyi and so on. Names in Igbo land have deep meanings and reasons why they are named. Like me I don’t even know the meaning of my Surname. Though ‘Ifeyinwa’ is not popular, it means nothing like a child.
Azubike Eneh
Popular names in Igbo I know are Chioma, Chidimma, Chinwe, Oyinye, Chidi, Emeka, Eze, Obinna. They are too numerous to mention.
Chinomso Udogu
The likes of Chidiebere, Amaka, Nnamdi, Chiamaka, Chinwe, intact all the ‘chi’ are popular and common. We also have Ikechukwu, Obiora, Nwachukuwu, Adanma, Adaeze, they are a lot of them I cannot mention all.
Aturuchi Anayo
We have names like Nnena, Chidimma, Chisom, Chikadibia, Ngozi, Ada, Uzoamaka, Ikenna and a host of others.
Mrs. Afamefuna
The popular names I think are all the names that start with ‘Chi’ like Chinwe, Chibuzor, Chioma, Chinaza, Chinenye, Oluchi and many more. We also have Ogbonna, Ikechukwu (IK), Ada, Ngozi, Eze, Nnamdi. They are too many.
– Chika Okorie for encomium.ng 



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