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Here are the prosecution witnesses against Jyoti and Kiran

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The case against Matharoo sisters and Babatunde Oyebade is so strong that it will take a miracle for them to walk free, lawyers with vast experience in prosecution of criminal cases told Encomium Weekly.

And with the witnesses as well as evidence against the trio, the case may be easy to prove.

And since they signed an undertaking and shot a video apologising to Femi Otedola, the man they were blackmailing, how can they walk free?

The official records of the case (A/203/2016) listed four count charge against them with three witnesses so far.


Here are the three listed witnesses:

  1. Omoregie Ige, female, who was threatened with kidnap and told to pay N3.5 million. Damaging details were posted on her on naijagistlive.
  2. Dapo Balogun, male, who was threatened with death, kidnap and harm unless he pays for the disparaging story on him to be removed on naijagistlive.
  3. Femi Otedola, male, also threatened with death, kidnap, harm and defamation unless he pays for some information about him and his family to be removed on naijagistlive.


There are many investigators who worked on the case as well as more victims that will testify for the prosecution…

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