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Here are the randy rich men who bedded Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo

The long list of those who bedded Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo, the rich and randy men who risked all for momentary and fleeting bliss, jeopardised their marriages and businesses, reads like a ‘who is who’ of the cream of Nigeria’s high society.

From governors to ministers, leaders of political parties, bank managing directors and chairmen, oil moguls and hoteliers, tycoons, magnates and club owners, all partook in tasting  the sisters who turned prostitution to blackmail and cyber bullying.

Images captured on the laptops and iPads of the Kardashian look-alike, arrested and detained in the last weeks of December 2016 by men of the Nigeria Police, tell a shocking tale stranger  than fiction.

Those who know about the sextortion scandal and have seen recordings of the mind bending escapades are as shaken as they are stupefied.

Describing the men that put themselves in front of a moving train, the picture painted left us gawking and befuddled.


Here are the men who risked all for a piece of ‘the forbidden fruit’ …


* Former South-south governor who transformed the state and stole his people blind in the process. He is now busy in Abuja.

* Another former governor, this time from the South-west, who is now at the centre ministering to some of our essential needs.

* Oil magnate of Northern extraction who is related to an influential African.

* Hotelier with a sonorous name and classy taste  who runs night clubs and restaurants. He dated one of the sisters, and ran when his business suffered from their interference.

* Former bank chairman with Yoruba names whose underhand exploits led to his ouster.  He is a billionaire businessman now concentrating on a lucrative pie. He actually reportedly dated one of the sisters, and was said to be keen on seeing the criminal case against them abandoned because of its repercussions on homes and businesses.

* Another former bank managing director, tall and slim, who professes to be a practising Christian.  From the South-south, he’s still in economic matters.

* Managing director of a bank whose English first name is funky. He is from the South-South.

* An oil mogul from the South-east, earnest to make a difference.

* Controversial oil billionaire who loves sports. His encounter with a government agency and another billionaire is difficult to forget.

* Rich brother of a former minister of Northern extraction. He loves younger women and flamboyant garbs.

* Son of political big wig from the South-west who married not too long ago.

* Another South-west managing director of an oil company he started with his friends.

* Owner of a front line night club on the Island whose magical domination of the scene is impressive.

* A South-west oil tycoon facing international prosecution who offloaded some of his assets abroad after indictments of fraud and money laundering.

* Oil magnate with Yoruba roots facing prosecution by Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for monumental money laundering charges.

* A South-west oil tycoon rebranding his petrol stations.  The light-skinned marketer who is also a politician with eyes on the centre reportedly dated one of the sisters.

* From South-south, this captain of business is close to a former president. The lover of big scale farming had a taste of the notorious sisters.


The list is long and impressive with names of Northern governors also cropping up…

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