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Here are the real victims of Edobors’ marital mess

John and Ivie Edobor, who are both facing an uncertain future, are not the real victims in their marital mess which leaves one with broken limb and the other facing an attempted murder charge.

All the sensational tales of adultery, domestic violence, humongous debt and aborted twins will soon die down.

By the time the dust settles, in spite of the outcome of the attempted murder case and the condition of the limb, the three daughters in the marriage contracted in 2007 will become  the real victims.

Omoafe (9), Ehinomeh (7) and Isabelle  (4) will live with the trauma of being products of a wedlock full of rancour and bitterness which became an object of a well detailed saga on the Internet.

Apart from the likelihood of living with one parent (unless the matter is amicably resolved), the trauma of the spat will be with them for a long time.  And if they don’t receive immediate and carefully plotted mental health care, it could be a source of torment in future.

As the drama plays out in public sphere, more damaging details will be captured on websites and blogs, and filed away for future reference.

These beautiful children have classmates whose parents will become weary and worried.

Parents will discuss John and Ivie Edobor in hushed tones and may even tell their own children about the saga with unbelievable misdemeanours.

As the years roll by, the damage  will be incalculable.

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