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Here are two new dating trends causing heart-break

The rules of singledom are changing and becoming curiouser everyday. has found out serious issues pointing to the emotional trauma of disconnected humans. Below are the two dating trends causing heart-break out there that are most likely driving you crazy.

This is when someone you have had any kind of relationship or connection with goes dark. Ghosting occurs when a person you have had series of dates or romantic correspondence with suddenly disappears off the face of the planet. This can take the form of ignoring you, not responding to any attempt at communication, pretending they legitimately don’t know you or disappear completely without warning (as if you never existed).
As the term suggests, they’ve vanished without a trace.

This is a super fun dating trend in which someone is dating someone else, the sex is fine but has decided to hide them away from everyone in their life. It refers to when someone doesn’t introduce their partner to their friends and family, and won’t post about them on social media. Stashing is the act of dating someone seriously only to have them hide you away from everyone they know.
They are not really dating the person they are stashing, meaning they can justify getting with other people, doing whatever they fancy and being generally inconsiderate and awful.

It is typical for people in casual relationship to kind of stash each other away. And when questioned, a stasher wil make you feel like you are being difficult.

– Akinola Eniola for 

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