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Here’s how much Aso Rock clinic has been allocated in the last five years

The Aso Rock clinic that was established to take care of health needs of the President and Vice President and their family members as well as other staff of the Presidential Villa, is nothing to write home about, owing to its poor state.
As a matter of fact, one cannot access even the simplest drugs (paracetamols and syringe) at the state house clinic, despite the huge sum allocated to it every year. One may wonder as to how and what the money meant to procure equipment needed to save lives is being used? Hence, the need to commercialise the clinic came up as suggested by the permanent secretary, Mr Jalal Arabi. But will this necessarily cover the loopholes?
All things being equal, a lot needs to be done to prove the level of seriousness of the present government in fighting corruption to the barest minimum.

Here’s how much Aso rock clinic has been allocated in the last 5 years as outlined by

1. 2017 – N3.2 billion

2. 2016 – N3. 87 billion

3. 2015 – N3.94 billion

4. 2014 – N862.9 million

5. 2013 – N619.9 million

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