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Here’s the only victim of Tonto Dikeh’s marital mess

Tonto Dikeh, mother of one year old King Andre, and her husband of 17 months, Olakunle Churchill, have successfully jeopardised the future of their innocent son by documenting their marital mess for posterity.
And in the age of the internet, the sensational tiff has been archived for all to retrieve at the touch of a button.

The couple has been chirping like canaries, washing their soiled linen in public space. From accusations of fraud, battery, humiliation, drugs and alcohol abuse, adultery, vandalism and more, the victim is their son who will have to live with one parent and endure the disadvantages that come with it. And stand the harassment that may be heaped on him in future by his mates who can ‘google’ him at anytime in future…and find one of the most sensational marital squabbles with salacious details provided first hand by the principal actors.

King Andre could be bullied and subjected to all kinds of torment. And his insensitive mates may replay the videos of his parents throwing mud at one another as if love never once dominated their household.

Already, his father is denied access. And King Andre may have to be content with being raised by his mother.

“In all the mudslinging, King Andre’s future is not considered. Rather, his parents are trying to win public sympathy at each other’s expense,” a concerned onlooker told encomium.ng

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