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Here’s the photo of the house suspected Badoo killed lovers

The house where Ife and Bode were murdered in the early hours of Friday, July 21, 2017, by suspected Badoo cult is an unpainted one storey building on Hassan Abiodun Street, Ojodu-Abiodun, Ogun state, owned by the Ashipas.The house is managed by the children of the landlord who’s deceased.

Ife’s room is the last on the left at 27, Hassan Abiodun.

The 28 year old sales girl’s room is sparsely furnished with a bed. She has a television set.

The storey building has 20 rooms. 10 upstairs and 10 downstairs. 

Ife’s room downstairs to the left is just after the Police officer’s based at the nearby Ojodu-Abiodun station.

The property without a fence is a typical lower class residence.

– Agbolade Owolabi for

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