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Hesges Synergy’s ADETUNJI ADEGBOYEGA explains crowd funding

with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the MD/CEO, Barrister Adetunji Adegboyega explained how the concept can be of benefit to Nigerians.


What is Hesges Synergy?

Hesges Synergy is a business development and investment company. It is a network of like minds coming together to help each other create, develop and fund small and medium scale business interests. The general idea behind the company is using the medium of crowd funding to help each other achieve whatever goal or aim they have.

What inspired your introduction of this business concept?

It is a known fact that Nigeria is a developing country, a country of people with diverse business ideas. It is also a known fact that a country like ours thrives more on small and medium scale enterprises and business concerns.

Government cannot provide business funding and support for everybody, thus the need for individuals to develop businesses they can manage, sustain themselves with and ultimately become self reliant.

However, the key to any business development is funding, and in Nigeria for example, there are two major ways of securing funding, through the banks and from rich relatives and acquaintances. Banks, for obvious reasons, will not fund startups, and

Adetunji Adegboyega

Adetunji Adegboyega

how many people have rich relatives to support them.

In this regard therefore, you find out that a lot of people with business ideas needing as little as N50,000, N100,000 will never be able to execute their ideas because no means of getting the start up funds.

This is why we came up with the idea of Hesges Synergy or simply HS, where all you need to do is become a member of this network by paying a monthly subscription fee, bring your business idea and the network will fund and develop it for you. With this alternative business funding network, a lot of people whose dreams, ideas and passions hitherto seemed unachievable will be able to achieve their dreams, become self reliant and ultimately impact the Nigerian economy.

Do you think Nigerians will buy into this business concept?

Yes, Nigerians will buy into this business idea and concept, because believe me, this is what everybody has been waiting for. HS will revolutionize the business environment in Nigeria. Our slogan is The network that changes your networth.

HS, on her own, is an employer of labour and we are looking into creating about 100,000 jobs, from our investment network. The company is investing in and focusing on agriculture, real estate and retailing. When we fund businesses, we don’t just give loans or funds to people to do anyhow they want, but the funding by HS will be on the basis or model of venture capital, in which we are a part of the business from inception to fruition. We ensure its success so that the funds we put in do not go down the drain. And after an agreed time, we exit the business and the owner can then continue on his own.

Has the government approved it?

A lot of business and ideas have sprung up in Nigeria in time past that have collapsed, or did not stand the test of time all because they were not ready to do the right thing.

At HS, we believe in excellence and doing things properly, because if you do, that is when what you are building can stand the test of time. Hesges Synergy is a genuine and original idea built on a crowd template. And in our bid to do things properly and right, we have written to the Nigerian Security and Exchange Commission about our business, and they replied us with a No Objection Letter, stating that the framework for crowd funding is still being developed in Nigeria. So, as it is, we have the necessary approval from the relevant government agency to operate our network.

How will Nigerians benefit from this business project?

As I said, Nigerians stand to gain a lot from the HS Network and I will highlight them again. Unemployed people can secure employment through the HS Network. People with business ideas who need funds to execute can have funding for their business development or expansion.

Traders can have a platform where they can carry on their trade without using their own money through the HS Network. Not only will we fund businesses for subscribers to the network, but we will develop the business with them. We will not just leave them to do trial and error with the business, but with full backing. Resources of HS will be there to support, guide, direct, develop and grow every business.

HS will serve as the business development and support advisor and consultant. In law, this is what we call res ipsa loquitor interpreted the thing speaks for itself. The HS idea is clear and glaring and it speaks for itself. You can also visit our website for more information.



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