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HID Awolowo (3) -‘She has been ill for three months’ – Dupe Iyanda, Nurse

I am her nurse. I was posted here in February 23, 2015, from Babcock University Teaching Hospital.

1-DSC_0120How will you describe your experience of working for Mama?

Working for mama is tasking.  It requires you to be very smart and honest.  Because she will remind you of things you told her six months ago.  So, don’t you ever think she forgets things.  Despite her age she remembers everything .  She keeps record of everything .  Once you tell her a lie she will never trust you again.  That is Mama for you.  She is very punctual.  She was very disciplined.  Working with her has taught me to be disciplined and punctual.

Where were you yesterday when Mama died?

Yesterday was my off day.  We don’t come to work on Saturday. But I was here on Friday.  I left here around 8 p.m on Friday.

What was her condition when you left her on Friday night?

She has been ill for the past three months, since June.  She has been like that.  The thing kept on deteriorating.  This week was actually very worse because I worked from Sunday till Friday night.  After taking her breakfast, before 11.30 a.m or 12 p.m, she will fall asleep and she wouldn’t wake up till next day.  That was very unusual of her.  She was a very active person.  She doesn’t sleep in the night.  But this week has been different.  By the time I am going she wouldn’t be up till I leave.  Sometimes, when I come the next morning she will still be asleep.  On Friday night she didn’t wake up till I left and she slept around 12 p.m, although her daughter was there.

Which of her daughters?

Mrs. Tola Oyediran.  She was with her and when I left that Friday.  She (Mrs. Oyediran) even told me we will see on Sunday. She was even thinking she would come for my colleague’s wedding.

Oh your colleague just got married?

Yes.  She got married yesterday.  I was at her wedding when the cook called me to say mama is dead.  I said it was a lie.  She (cook) said, she ate and was very active yesterday (Saturday, September 19, 2015). That she was with her grandchildren. It was a big surprise to everyone.

What will you miss about her?

I will miss her action.  She was an action woman even at 100.  If she gives an order you must comply.  With Mama, no is not an option, you just have to do it even…She was a disciplinarian.  I learnt a lot from her. I will miss her.

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