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Chief (Mrs.) Hannah Idowu Dideolu, matriarch  of the legendary Awolowo dynasty, who passed on on Saturday, September 19, 2015, at 3:15pm after eating pounded cocoyam and egusi soup in Ikenne (Ogun state) has lovely neighbours who will forever miss her.

Some of them spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly about life and times…


‘We do fellowship together’ – DORCAS OPABAJO

1-IMG_20150925_153605-001What is your name, ma?

Dorcas Opabajo.

For how long have you been living as the Awolowo’s neighbor?

For a very long time now.

Who first came here between you and the Awolowos?

We, they met us here.

Which one do you know very well between Awolowo and his wife, HID?

I know the two of them very well.

How will you describe them?

They are very nice people including their children.  All of them are very nice people.  We enjoyed their company and they too enjoyed our company.  Whenever they are having social gatherings we will eat and drink to our satisfaction.  They are very nice people.

Have you ever had one-on-one contact with the late HID?

We do fellowship with her every Tuesday.  She was our matron.  She gives clothes every year for the church service.

How old are you, ma?

I can’t say that o.

Between you and HID who is older?

She was older than me.  She was an age-mate of my husband’s senior brother.

(This interview was conducted in Ijebu dialect)



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