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High School student who claimed he made $72m trading stocks confesses he lied

17 year old New York City schoolboy, Mohammed Islam who gained overnight fame after telling a reporter he had made $72million trading stocks on his lunch breaks has confessed he made it all up.
The Stuyvesant High School student came clean to the New York Observer yesterday (Monday, December 15, 2014) after his little fib turned into a major international news story.
His confession has forced the New York Magazine, which ran the original interview to apologize to its readers for publishing the lie and admit it was ‘duped’ by the teenager.
In a statement, the magazine, said: ‘As part of the research process, the magazine sent a fact-checker to Stuyvesant, where Islam produced a document that appeared to be a Chase bank statement attesting to an eight-figure bank account.
Far from his original claims, Islam, president of the prestigious high school’s investment club, now says he traded only using simulated money he made using an online trading program.



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