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Higher risk of heart problems for men who go to bed early

A study suggests that men who go to bed early are at a higher risk of heart problems – most likely high blood pressure. Experts observed that getting tired early could be a warning sign of developing hypertension.  Hypertension triggers heart attacks and stroke.

According to a team of researchers led by Dr. Nobuo Sasaki from the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Casualty Council, it was revealed that high blood pressure upsets a normal body block – making them more tired  and unable to sleep. “Early bed times were associated with high blood pressure independent of anything else.”

Adding that going to bed earlier could be a sign of hypertension. On average, those with the condition scored 5.3 in sleep assessments – with marks over 5 indicating poor sleep quality. Despite their later bed times, those with normal pressure had a score of 4.7.

The study, however, did not find the same pattern in women. For men, it’s advised you check your blood pressure regularly and see your GP if you are concerned.


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