Hip-Hop act cum model, D’Code states reasons he enjoys helping the less privileged

Omoniyi  Idris Oluwatosin, better known as D’Code, is a hip-hop act cum model. He’s also into acting, and has equally been doing well.  Omoniyi is also the owner of D’Code Foundation, a charity outfit that has been putting smiles on the faces of the needy since its establishment till date. 

In this interview with a couple of days back  at an event in Lagos, the 2018/2019 Mr Universe, Osun state, a content creator, top model and Ambassador for the less privileged opened up on a number of issues, including his career, love life and why he’s passionate about making others happy and more.

 It’s been a long while we heard about you, what’s happening now, career wise?

Actually, I have been kind of mute for some reasons. It’s not as if I have quit music. I am still into entertainment, but there are some things I got to just need to sit down and strategize about. So, I still do music. And apart from music, I am also a professional model, and I got signed to Black Dove modeling agency. I still do the acting stuff too, though not as before because of my modeling career which now takes largest percentage of my time.

There’s a time we saw one your posts on Instagram where you’re reaching out to the less privileged, what’s the motive behind that?

That’s true. I have been busy with that for about one and half years back with my charity organisation, D’Code Foundation, helping the less privileged, including, aged women between the ages of 60 and 80 or more and children ranging from one year to five years. I have been supporting the kids with books, water bottles, school uniforms and all that while I also empower the aged women by giving them some little cash to start or support their various businesses. I realized that when they come to you today, and you give them N1,000 each, they come tomorrow and you give them N1,000 each as well. One day, you will surely be tired of doing that. So, the best thing is to find out from them the kind of  petty businesses they can embark on for their survival. So, I empowered about 20 aged women. I gave them N50,000 each to start small businesses that at least will be putting foods on their tables.

Is there anything you intend gaining from all these because a lot of people might have been thinking you have hidden agenda?

Nothing like hidden agenda. I am not  doing it because I want to gain anything from giving out to people. I have been doing that for about 10 years, and I have not looked back. One thing is that my greatest joy us when I make others around me happy. If I can earn like, for instance, N100,000 from a modeling job, I don’t think giving 30% of out can affect me. I believe the more I give, the more God will keep blessing me because givers never lack. So,  I am not doing it because I am looking for any political appointment from any government or individual. I am not getting any support from any government agency or Non Governmental Organisation (NGO). I just believe in putting smiles on the faces of the needy in my own little way, and God has been helping me on that.

We learnt you got married not long ago, how would you describe your love life now?

Yes, I got married about two years ago. Being married us a very beautiful thing, especially when you get married to your best friend. Someone that supports you in all you do, someone that keeps praying for you. So, it has been beautiful because my wife and myself run my organisations together and other stuff as well.

What next now in your agenda, especially as regards your charity stuff?

Now, I have about 10 kids I just discovered. They have not been going to school. I want to put them in school and take care if all the expenses that may be involved, including school fees, stationery, school uniforms and all that. Also, I have up to 20 women that I want to support their businesses too. That’s my plan for this month.

That means you do all these monthly?

Yes, I touch different lives every month with the little I am making from my modeling career. Not that I have the money, but I enjoy sharing with others the little I am making. And I have the belief that God will bless me in return, even in multiple folds.



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