Hon Rasheed Dabiri joins Lagos House of Assembly race

Hon Rasheed Bamidele Dabiri has declared his intent to represent the good people of Agege, Constituency II at the Lagos House of Assembly in 2015 general elections.

The CEO of Advanced Design and Planning Services Ltd, while making his declaration before the elders and LG executive at his constituency, revealed that he’s vying for the seat on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), the ruling party in Lagos State.

One of the beloved sons of the famous Dabiri in Agege, on Thursday, August 14, 2014, told ENCOMIUM Weekly why he’s contesting, and his chances of clinching the seat already occupied by Hon. Oluyinka Ogundimu.

Can you tell us about your beginning?

I am Dabiri Bamidele Rasheed, born and bred in Agege, Moshalashi Alhaja to be precise, in Lagos. Agege has been a fantastic place to me, but the need for me to seek education made me leave Agege for some years. Fortunately, I am very lucky because I came from a family that appreciate the importance of education.

I had my primary school in Oyo state. I started my secondary school there but due to the nature of my dad’s work (a military man), we relocated to Bauchi state where I continued my secondary education. I gained admission to study Architecture in Bauchi state, I did my National Diploma (ND). We finally came back to Agege, where I had my HND at LASPOTECH. I proceeded to Ife where I had my Bsc in Urban and Regional Planning.

When exactly did you conceive the idea of joining politics?

I wanted to start politics immediately after I completed my Bsc, but my father wanted me to work first. Obviously, that’s the wish of every parent, after school, work and make money, then you can think of joining politics. On the process of working, I decided to do my professional course. I am a Chartered and Registered Town Planner. I am currently doing my Masters in Project Management at Lagos State University.

The political ambition started 10 years ago. I was actually called by my people. The day I first attended ward meeting, I saw aged men and women. I asked myself, “Is this where I was coming?” I finally made up my mind to join them and see how things are being done. I started monitoring the system, and later realised that it’s good to be in politics, I mean, active politics.

What about your ambition to vie for a post at the State House of Assembly?

I have studied the system and planning what to do if I have the opportunity to represent my people. I started monitoring how to do political business, and I noticed that this is the right time. The right time to declare my ambition to represent my people at the Lagos State House of Assembly, Constituency II.

But someone is already occupying the post. How do you intend to unseat him?

Irrespective of who is occupying the post, I believe this is the time for change. I am going into politics because of the less privileged, so that they can benefit from the dividends of democracy. I have my work, like I told you I am not going into politics to make money for myself, but to serve my people. To represent my people, so that they can feel the change. I believe the change is coming, because I am close to my people. I am not like those politicians that forget their people when they are elected.

Why do you think people abandoned the those that elected them?

For two reasons. First, it’s greed. Some of our political office holders are greedy. This will definitely continue because most of them don’t have work or personal business before joining politics. If you ask them their occupation, they tell you, ‘Politics’! That’s how greed comes in. How do you expect such people to represent their people? All they are after is their pockets.

Second, it’s caused by the people you’re representing. At times, they frustrate the candidate before he gets to the office, by demanding this and that, and so many things. When the person gets there, he won’t remember them again. That’s the way I see it.

It’s believed that if you don’t have a godfather, you may not go far in politics. Do you have a godfather?

I don’t have a godfather but I have mentors, not one, not two. I have people guiding me, all the leaders in Agege are my mentors. I meet them for advice and we rub minds on how to move our constituency forward. I deliberately decided not to have one person as a mentor, so that people won’t turn him to my godfather. That’s what I call open door policy where everybody can express his or her feelings.

Why are you coming under APC, or is it because it’s the ruling party?

To be sincere, it’ll only take a foolish man to know that APC is the ruling party in my locality and now go for opposition party. Even if as a minority you were eventually elected, you may not get the majority that would support you when it comes to decision making. Why not go for a popular and genuine party? That’s why I am coming out under APC.

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