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Hottest actresses right now (2) -Belinda Effah

‘I am very grateful to God for the opportunities’ -BELINDA EFFAH

How would you describe 2015 career wise?

2015 has been an amazing year for me career-wise. I have had the satisfaction of working as an actor. I am very grateful to God for the opportunities I have had to work with different producers, directors, actors that I only dreamt of working with. I have recorded both local and international success in my acting career. I have had the satisfaction of people criticizing my work both positively and negatively. The support from my fans is so amazing that it encourages me to strive harder and keep them satisfied. I am not where I long to be yet, but 2015 has been the right step in the right direction for my acting career.

How many movies have you featured in this year, can you mention some?

I think asking an actor how many movie features they have under their belt is quite biased. I cannot categorically say I have featured in a certain number of movies. Rather I will like to make reference to the movies that were released in 2015 that improved my career as an actress. The success of each release In terms of box office and sales is what I pride in as an actor not necessarily how many features.

The fact that Belinda as an actor is bankable is my aim. I will take pleasure in giving numbers of features when the producers who took a stake at featuring me in their movies are smiling to the bank, and my fans are fulfilled with my performance. With this being said. I have featured in a few movies such as; Mr & Mrs Onoja, Lost Pride, Refugees, House Husbands, Lessons in Love and Death, Out of the Ghetto, Oracles Online, So in Love, Heroes and Villians, Too Broken, Bunmi’s Diary, Desperate House girls (series) etc.

What would you attribute your success to?

I will like to attribute my success to my Creator; God. I believe He has set me on the right path and orders my steps in the right direction. His grace and favor make my story a success story. Really I can’t say I have a winning formula other than God’s grace.

What should your fans expect in 2016?

What to expect from me in 2016; is a renewed and refreshed Belinda. I look forward to stretching my acting ability and creativity beyond bounds. Hope to keep my fans pleased and ensure that every producer that banks on me never regrets it.

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