House of Reps winners speak -‘I felt happy and fulfilled’- Prince Rotimi Agunsoye, Kosofe Federal Constituency

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Congratulations on your victory at the poll, Sir.

Thank you.

How do you feel?

I felt happy and fulfilled.  The electorates have done their own bit to elect me.  It is now my turn not to disappoint them.  I pray by the grace of the Almighty God, I will not disappoint them.

Where were you when the result was announced?

I was around the collation area. I just went straight inside to jubilate with the people there.

What was the first thing you did when you were declared the winner?

I gave God the glory.

Has any of your opponents congratulated you?

No, she has not but the agent did.

But have you called her?

I don’t have her phone number.  If I have her number I would have called.  What is there?  We all want to serve the people. It is not a do or die thing.  I am sure she doesn’t have my number too.


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