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House on the Rock premieres Hollywood drama ‘Captive’’ – DOMINIC MUDABAI,  GUS winner,  model,  fitness trainer


Our correspondent also spoke with some guests…


How does it feel being here tonight?

It feels really good. I’m happy that I’m counted among those who’d first see this movie in Nigeria.

What are your expectations tonight?

My expectations are pretty high. I expect that Oyelowo will put up a much better performance than he did on Selma. Selma was a beautiful performance but you know Hollywood is a very big and tough ground to break. I like it that one of our brothers is breaking through, he’s a role model for people in the industry and those who are coming up.

Nigeria is marking 55 years of independence today, would you say it’s worth celebrating?

It’s not a case of celebration or mourning, it’s a case of retrospect. We should sit back and think of the way forward. We shouldn’t dwell on the past, rather we should think about the future, how to press forward and breakthrough. We need to, at this point, take stock and see what has prevented us from achieving what we are supposed to have. It’s not able counting the numbers.

What’s your message to Nigerians?

That we should lay aside tribe, religion and personal interests and put the interest of the country first. We should be nationalists!

Congratulations on your recent marriage, what is life like as a married man?

It’s peaceful, beautiful, progressive and proactive.

What changes have occurred since you tied the knot?

Basically, loving God more and looking towards him for advice and not any human being.

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