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Housewives excited as price of cooking gas crashes

Housewives all over Lagos state are heaving a sigh of relief as price of cooking gas crashes.
Information pierced together by revealed that 12.5 kg of gas is now sold for N3,500 instead of N4,800 it was sold for before.
According to Mrs Omotayo, “I abandoned my gas when the price went up, 12.5 kg was sold for N5,000 in my area, the difference was just too much for me. I started using kerosene stove and electric cooker, now that the price has gone down I will refill my gas again.”
Mrs Ajeigbe also added, “Thank God it has come down I would refill my cylinders. I have three of them at least they would last for more than three months incase the price goes up again.
“I don’t think our government is sensitive to our plight. Kerosene and gas were both expensive at the same time, I couldn’t even refill
my small cylinder. We were refilling that for N1,500 before it skyrocketed to N2,200. I am praying it would further crash to N2,500 which is the original price it was sold for before the price double jumped.
“Few months ago, the price of cooking gas suddenly went up, 12.5kg was sold for N4000  upwards now, it has crashed to N3,500.”

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