Housewives on their preparation for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, one can even smell it in the air. With lovely decorations and Christmas songs caressing the air, ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled the opinion of housewives about preparations for Christmas…

‘I’m preparing serious for this Christmas’ – FEYISAYO OYELAMI

Me and my family are preparing, even though there’s no money. You know Christmas is once a year. I’m from Osun state, Oshogbo precisely, so I’ll be travelling to my home to be with my family, my grand mom.

‘We are having double celebrations this Christmas’ – CHISOM ONYERO

This Christmas promises to be a memorable one for me and my family. A close relative of mine is getting married the traditional way this December in my home town in Abia state. So, we would be having a double celebration

‘I have never had a boring Christmas’ – ANNABELLA KING

As an Ikwerre person from Rivers state, I have never had a boring Christmas. Every December 25 is always memorable. I have a big family and everyone returns home for the festivities

‘This Christmas will just be like the other ones’- NWACHUKWU EMEKA

For me, this Christmas will just be like the other ones. Normal! No special fanfare. Just having fun and creating lasting memories with my family, which I think is the very essence of Christmas.

‘Foodstuff is the only challenge’ – OLAYEMI ASHIRU, mother of three

Me and my family are preparing the way we used to. We are travelling to my home town this year. Last year, we travelled to my husband’s home, but this year we are travelling to Osun state. The only challenge is that food stuff and clothes are becoming more expensive during this period, that’s why I normally buy all the things we would need in the second week.

‘We thank God for keeping us alive’- CYNTHIA UGOBOR, mother of four

The only thing me and my family are doing this Christmas is enjoying ourselves in our house. We are not travelling, we are not going for any outing. This year was not very favourable for me and my husband,

so no unnecessary spending. But we are going to thank God for keeping us alive.

‘We’re travelling out this season’- JOSEPHINE NNADOZIE, mother of two

Me and my family will be travelling out of the country to celebrate Christmas as we usually do. It’s how my husband has been giving us a good Christmas for some years now.

“God has favoured us this season’- UGOCHI NWABUEZE, mother-of-four

This year has been a blessed one for us in my family, even my extended family members were favoured by God this year. We had new babies, new jobs and other favours. Because of all these, we would be having a big thanksgiving.

‘I am fully ready this season’- ADEDAMOLA OLAYINKA AKANBI

You know as a woman of the house, all the responsibilities of the season is rested on us. So for me, I have done my major Christmas shopping since October to avoid rush. You know during the season like this, there is always hike in prices. So, in order to avoid this I have fully prepared myself for the Christmas.

December happens to be the most anticipated month of the year and a wonderful month to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ that brought salvation and joy to the world.

In my house, we travel every December 23 to our village to celebrate the Christmas and New Year with our families

‘We would celebrate it with our loved ones’- MRS. DEBORAH AKINLABI OJUMU

I have been doing a lot of cleaning, changing the old things that are not useful in the house replacing them with new ones. By the grace of God, next week I would be going for my shopping. Yes, of course. It is a season everybody has been anticipating. We would celebrate it with our loved ones

‘We are preparing’ -MRS. ADAOBI IFEANYI

We are preparing. I am anticipating Christmas. It is a season I love so much. We are expecting it with joy and happiness. I have bought my children’s Christmas clothes and shoes.

Yes, I am looking forward to this year’s Christmas. It will be fun for my household, most especially my children.

My household will be celebrating Christmas at home. We are travelling home to see our parents and spend Christmas together with great joy.

‘I am looking forward to it’-MRS. IGBE OHABA

Yes, we are preparing for Christmas.

Yes, I am looking forward to it. It is a special season. It is a time to remind ourselves as always that Christ came purposely for us. It is a general holiday, we sit and rest

‘Christmas is a season for celebration’-MRS. LARA JOEL

Christmas is a season for celebration, a lot of shopping is in progress, that is, buying of Christmas gift items for friends and family members.

I am looking forward to this year’s Christmas because I know there are a lot of blessings attached to it. It also makes me reflect on the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. My family will celebrate this Christmas by visiting places of interest, and travelling to see our parents and loved ones.

‘I am looking forward to Christmas’MRS. FUNKE ADEBISI

Preparation is in progress. We have bought some things for the children, hoping to buy more for them, family and friends. Yes, I am looking forward to Christmas. There is this joy that laps within whenever Christmas is approaching, I don’t know if it is that childhood thing.

We are travelling to spend it with my in law. I will also use that opportunity to see my sister.

‘We are preparing’-MRS. JUMOKE SAMUEL

We thank God for His mercies. We are preparing, buying things for the children. I have sent things home to my mom. We are preparing. Yes, I am looking forward to it. It is an opportunity to thank God for the gift of salvation. We get to see family and friends we have not seen for a long time.

We are spending it in Abuja, we are not travelling. It is quite expensive to travel now. We will sit at home, rest, welcome our visitors and go to church as well.

‘I’m preparing big for Christmas’-OMOLARA OLUBO

I’m preparing big for Christmas because it is a celebration we all should look forward to. Yes, I’m looking forward to it big time because I have a feeling this year would be better than the lasts besides I love Christmas because of all the good things it brings, holidays, family reunion and many more.

We are all planning for it. I already got a long list from my family since December 1. There has been cancelling and adding on everyone’s list. But all glory to God because I’m sure we would celebrate in peace not in pieces.

‘I’m getting ready for Christmas in my own little way’-BAMIKOLE ADEFIOLA 

It has not been easy but I’m getting ready for Christmas in my own little way. Buying new things for the house, my baby and my husband as well as other members of the family.

I really can’t plan anything now due to the nature of my job. I am a medical doctor and I will be on duty on Christmas, it is painful but there is nothing I can do.

‘Preparing for Christmas is not easy’ -OLUWATOYIN CHARLES

First, I thank God for making it possible for me and my family to witness another festive season. Preparing for Christmas is not easy buy God has been faithful.

We are looking forward to this year’s Christmas by God’s grace, putting things in place in other to make it a fabulous and splendid. Our plan is to visit our family house at Apapa because that is where we usually celebrate Christmas with families and friends

‘I have been shopping for Christmas’-MRS. ADEWUNMI AMODENI

I have been shopping for Christmas before the market starts getting crowded due to last minute rush. I’m not only shopping for my family but for my school as well. The preparation is going on well for me and I’m happy.

We have started cleaning and decorating our home for the season as this is one time everybody spends quality time with their loved ones. We have also started buying Christmas hampers that we will give out to our loves ones.

‘We are travelling’ -MRS. DAYO ADISA

Yes, we are preparing. It is the best time to spend with my children. We are travelling to the United Kingdom

‘God will see us through’ -MRS. KAFAYAT OLANREWAJU

I have been hearing about Christmas, but I am not prepared yet because sales is dull.

My children are looking forward to it. I am not looking forward to it. The economy is bad, there is no money.

God will see us through.

‘I am grateful’-MRS. YINKA ADEGBORO

We have started buying our children’s clothes. Children are the ones that celebrate the yuletide most.  Yes! The fact that my family and I are alive, I am grateful.

Though the economy is nothing to write home about, we will try and eat chicken.

”My expectation is high’ -MRS. ABIOLA JOSHUA

Yes, we are preparing hoping and praying there would be enough money to travel.  Yes, with high expectation.  We are travelling home to spend it with my grandma.

‘I will create time to have fun’ -TOBI ENITAN

It is a busy period for me because I am a female professional photographer. Yes, because I will get more jobs.

Although I am booked for that day, I will still create time to take my son out to have fun.


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