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How billionaire kidnapper was betrayed by his name

The deep Igbo names of billionaire kidnapper (Chukwudimeme Onuamadike) arrested on Saturday, June 10, 2017, in Magodo (Lagos) failed to save him.

As he admitted in different interviews, his time was up.
Chukwudimeme means, “God has done unimaginable things for me.”
And indeed He did as Chukwudimeme abandoned his business when customs seized his N25 million goods.
Instead of starting afresh, he relocated to South Africa to deal in drugs.
Returning in 2007, he joined a kidnapping gang, and later set up his own.
His surname, Onuamadike means, “a strong man is not moved no matter what you say.”
But now, his crimes have caught up with him, with the news hovering around him damaging. His strength has waned.
Instead of living his names and walking on the straight and narrow path, he chose the wide boulevard of crime with an inevitable and ignoble end.



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