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How caesarean section affects mothers and babies

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According to Sara Widdowoson, mothers who give birth to their babies by caesarean  section are sometimes too weak to breastfeed. They are often times frail and sluggish from painkillers to even cuddle their babies.
Sharing her experience, the surgery left her with an infection and it took 11 months to heal. She developed post-natal depression thereafter. Even after two years, she still suffers the pain.
“I wish I’d never asked for a caesarean  and had tried to give birth naturally. It puts me off child birth for good,” she said.
The caesarean  birth rate has risen from 10 percent of babies 30 years ago  to 26 percent today. It’s observed that one in ten women who has gone through caesarean  section will suffer infection, blood clots or excessive bleeding . One third will suffer from post-natal depression than a women who delivers naturally.
The risks doesn’t end with the mothers. New research show that babies could be more vulnerable to poor health. Babies delivered via caesarean  are more likely to be obese, even as adults. They are five times more likely to have allergies by the age of two, 20 percent more likely to have asthma and 40 percent great risk of developing immune defects.
Former midwife, Clare Byam-Cook explains, “Women are increasingly obese and giving birth older, both of which decrease the chances of a successful natural birth. Doctors also go wrong by avoiding mistakes, performing unnecessary caesareans where they would have once allowed vaginal birth, because they fear legal action should anything go wrong.”
Also, large women are less likely to be fit enough to push their baby out and more likely to suffer from gestation diabetes, which usually results in a bigger, harder to deliver baby.
Women who are obese are more prone to pre-eclampsia, in which blood pressure is raised, which will almost certainly require an emergency cesarean. It’s also usually hard to monitor a baby’s heartbeat during labour if the mother is obese.

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