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How did Matharoo siblings record the sexcapades?

For sure, they posted some of their adventures on their lnstagram pages (where they have 50,000 followers) – but did they record their sexual encounters? Yes! And the men in various stages of undress!

With the reported confiscation of pictures and videos on their laptops and iPads, of randy rich men in compromising positions, they did record some of the sexcapades.

And tiny cameras and image and audio capturing gadgets were also said to have been seized from them.

Insiders claimed that only those who slept with them in their hotel rooms, wherever they called base, were recorded. Here, they had ample time to set up the gadgets without the victims knowing.

Apart from the images of their lovers in pictures and videos, there are other incriminating images of their customers as they cavorted round the globe with them.

One such lover is the South-west Managing Director of an oil company who is related to a big wig politician (they share the same surname). His name on a television screen welcoming him to a luxury hotel abroad was secretly recorded by one of the girls on her phone.

They also have images of private jets and luxury yachts of some of their lovers…


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