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How easy is your life?

Life is sweet when things are easy. Thankfully technology and digitisation in our generation have made life even sweeter. You know how the older generation criticises the millennials and Gen Z for being heavily dependent on their phones. The youths are not to be blamed as ‘they have seen the light.

Technology is not slowing down anytime soon.Every day, we come across more innovative products and services all geared towards making life easier especially for young people. And things are getting better by the day. Have you imagined a world where everything you do with your phone is tailored to your needs? Imagine a world where you are not condemned to subscribe to a service just because it is the only available one. That would be great, right. That is exactly what MTN has done for you.

MTN Nigeria recently introduced its upgraded customer contact channels tagged “MTN4ME” inspired by the desire to make life easy for customers. The service is a selection of personalised channels set apart to deliver tailored offerings to their millions of subscribers. MTN4ME refers to the personalised customer contact channels which include USSD, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), MyMTN App, Call centre & retail outlets and MTN Online (website).

One of the most outstanding features of MTN4ME is the MyMTN App. The mobile-only channel provides all the services that subscribers require ranging from recharging and checking airtime to daily mouth-watering bonus offers. One of the services in the app is the “crack the egg” which features the best offer for each day.

MTN4ME promises to usher customers into a new era of personalised and bespoke telecommunication services and we are here for it! To access the service, MTN customers can dial *121#.



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