Seyi Hunter studied Performing Arts, Industrial and Labour Relations at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State. Shortly after her tertiary education, she delved into private business and even expanded part of it to Oyo state from her base in Lagos.

Few years later, the hard working lady of style, in a bid to live up to her age-long dream, joined the Yoruba movie industry where she is currently making waves. As at the last count, she has been actively involved in over 16 home videos. The light-skinned gal speaks on the journey so far…

 seyi hunter

Which state are you from?

I’m actually from Imo state. My mom is from Akwa-Ibom but my dad is from Imo state, so I’m kind of mixed. I was born and bred in Surulere, Lagos, so really I have a connection with all.

Can you tell us about the schools you attended?

I went to Obele-Odan Primary School in Surulere, Lagos.

From there I went to Surulere Girls Secondary School. I later went to Ogun State University where I studied Performing Arts. I graduated from Ogun State University. I want to thank everyone in Ogun State University who supported my dreams, I love you all. I used to dance when I was in school and also, I did ushering jobs which lead me into event planning after I graduated. My office is at Maryland.

Seyi Hunter2What inspired you into joining the Yoruba movie world? Do you have the passion for it or was it part of your dream when you were growing?

I just wanted to be an actress, either Yoruba or English. I’m not particular about any language because I speak both well. I actually wanted to start from English but because of how it was then. I didn’t know anybody. Later, I met Funsho Adeolu at a location in Ibadan that was how I got into the Yoruba genre, I later met Iya Ereko through him. He has really helped me grow in the industry. I want to say a big thank you to both of them, who have been my pillar in the industry. I love them both. Thank you Uncle Funsho, my father in the industry. I am currently on location shooting an English movie coming to you soon.

Since you joined, what is your experience about the industry?

Truthfully, it has been fair for me, I haven’t had issues of sexual harassment. Since I joined the industry, I’ve featured in about 16-18 movies. Movies like Aromodomo, Ibaje, Alenibare, Rukayat, Iwalewa and many more.

Can you give us an insight into the most interesting one you have featured in?

Yes. There is a movie called Rukayat that featured Toyin Aimakhu, Femi Adebayo. Rukayat is a good Samaritan, philanthropist who gives alms to the less privileged, she visits different hospitals, paying hospital bills for people who can’t pay. She met a patient in the hospital who had a kidney problem and she donated her kidney to him. Later people found out she had a terrible and dark past. You will have to get the movie to find out about her past. But I have found every movie I have been, to have its own uniqueness.

Seyi Hunter3You were in a business before going into acting. Have you abandoned your business or you do both?

Of course, I do both. I’m still much into event planning.

How do you reconcile both?

I have trained staff and ushers, so really when I am on location, I have the jobs delegated and done right to my clients’ taste.

What is your message to your fans?

They should keep on watching my movies, expect more, and I have lots of projects in the works. I thank my fans, love you all. Without you, there is no Seyi Hunter. Also to the up and coming actresses, they shouldn’t lose hope. It might seem hard but with prayers, determination and focus, you will get there.


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